Knowledge, expertise, good people and collaboration. We make Care and Nursing simplified.

QuadT was founded by seasoned trained nurses with many years of experience of doing the same thing they have set out to do. They have worked in various sectors of the industry and are now out to provide quality, reliable, and trustworthy people to the healthcare industry having seen it all.

Our services and its value to you?

The provision of our service is all about you. We help to tailor our service around your business and or you and your family based on a careful understanding of your needs. You will have your own personal care coordinator as a direct point of contact during the time we work with you.

Standards you can trust

QuadT nurses and carers consistently maintain high standards of care and support. We operate a comprehensive programme of on-going training and development to ensure we remain at the forefront in the provision of high quality care. The top management are members of The National Skills Academy and are committed to impact on the business the required skills in keeping the quality of care. QuadT is registered with the Care Quality Commission which is a government body tasked with maintaining the highest level of quality of care provision from their members. QuadT is also a member of the United Kingdom Home Care association, which is the national professional and representative association for organisations who provide care to people in their own homes.

Our Commitment

We are committed to the provision of quality service tailored to your needs in providing staff to work in your hospital, residential and nursing home. We also provide support workers to the private individual to assist them to live happily and independently, maintaining the best quality of life possible for them and their families. At QuadT we are passionate about what we do with all that we have. Our workers are selected for their compassion and dedication to providing the best help to others.

Our Values

We aim to provide service that centres on and responds to the need of people. In all we do, we show compassion, empathy and care in our response to taking practical action in relieving service user’s discomfort. We strive to offer a flexible, efficient and professional service which is tailored to meet each individual needs.

Our 5 Values/Principles

We will treat clients with respect and shall remain sensitive to their needs. Our services will be embedded with:

We will be committed at all times in delivering quality and professionalism.

We will promote a dignified service, acting with compassion and working in person centred way. We will encourage people to be able to confide in us, without fear of retribution.

We will be respectful of others and treat each and every person we have contact with in this way, regardless of who they are.

We will promote development and support anybody who wants to achieve their full potential.

We will promote a dignified service, acting with compassion and working in person centred way. We will be open and honest at all times working in a way that promotes accountability.